"What on earth, is the former IC champion wearing?"
- Michael Cole reading my mind (via datbelgian)


Shawn Michaels and Triple h said it best. The closest friends have the best matches and no one will hit you harder than your brother. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose is a match made in heaven.


From wwe.com:

"Despite suffering what was deemed to be extensive head and spine trauma after being Curb Stomped through a pile of cinder blocks by Seth Rollins on Raw, Dean Ambrose has not only refused treatment but is reportedly missing after escaping WWE medical personnel altogether."

This is the best gone-to-shoot-a-movie TV write-off I’ve ever seen.


I actually really love this because when Ambrose comes back from his “injury” he’s gonna be angrier and more insane than before.And his return is will be super unexpected…and Seth probably gonna die.